Unsilence The Violence


The non profit organization Unsilence the Violence, founded by Catherine Shellman, began as a means to fight the disease Dating and Domestic Violence.  It is everywhere in our society, but people hide it, kick it under a rock.  The first step in bringing this disease of epidemic proportions to an end is to bring awareness to it.  To Unsilence the Violence!

Catherine's daughter Tiffanie Perry was an amazing human.  The world was a better place because she was in it.  Her nickname from the time she was born was "Sunshine" because that's what she was to everyone.   A positive and loving spirit, Tiff had a way of making people feel comfortable and happy around her.  In 2010 Tiffanie found herself in an abusive relationship.  When she broke up with her abuser, two weeks later he shot and killed her.  Tiff was only 23.  

Catherine Shellman's goal is to reach as many people as possible with Tiffanie's story.  There is a general image of how a victim looks or acts and it is very incorrect.  People think that victims are timid, insecure, of a certain socioeconomic class etc.  Tiffanie was proof that there is no victim "mold".  

The good news is that there is a cure for this disease, it CAN be stopped.  We need to help people change their way of thinking and not victim blame, "If he was such a jerk why did she stay", "Why didn't she just leave?", "Why did she choose that type of guy in the first place?".  Won't you join me in bringing awareness by Unsilencing the Violence?